"Our bodies are designed to eat very little fructose. As in a few berries here and there, honey on the rare occasion we stumble upon a hive. The addition of tablespoons (sometimes cups) of sugar to our meals via cereals, sauces and even savoury snacks is a very new thing. And not natural. And our bodies have not adjusted to it. Our Digestion and metabolisms haven't changed in 130,000 years. Our sugar intake, however, has. In 150 years it's gone from 0 kg to about 60'kg a year. Yes, sugar is natural but the amount we're exposed to isn't. it’s fructose that's the enemy, not sugar, per se.

1. Fructose makes us eat more. 2. Fructose converts directly to fat. 3. Fructose makes us sick.

Example: Table sugar 50% fructose + 50% glucose One banana 55% sugar, over half is fructose. Honey 40% fructose Agave 70-90% fructose"

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