Bally fat.

Simple explanation of “Why do we have Bally Fat” by Doctor David Ludwig. IIN.

In environment of unrestricted sugar and remind carbs, what happens is when you cat those foods your whole body starts shifting in the fat deposition. it’s like a fat storage factory. Bally fats like a sponge. It vacuums up all the fuel that you eat. So if you’re eating sugar and food, it like goes right in there, and all of sudden your body was like “Ah, where is all the fuel?! I better store more.” You shift more towards fat storage. Your body things as you’re starving. You slow your metobolism, you store more fat, and you much hungrier. And what happens it’s your biochemistry that is driving your behavior. It’s fat that’s around your middle that’s making you lazy and tired and hungry. So if you have hungry fat, you’re in trouble. Insulin it’s a fat storage hormone. It’s the hunger hormone. Insulin grows fat, cancer cells, etc..

So if you change what you eat and eat real food, low glycemic index foods, high plant based phytonutrients you’ll change your metabolism. Food is information. It tells every sell of your body what to do every minute with every single bite.

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