My Daily Addiction.

The researchers have shown than a power nap is more helpful than having a cup of coffee but coffer lovers like me, nothing is much better than having a cup of coffee every morning. However, my normal consumption of coffee became my morning addiction. I take one cup before my morning training, another cup at noon before spending time with my girls and two more cups at night before going to sleep. My addiction to coffee made me so much alarmed because I just realized that the caffeine that I took every day is beyond the safe consumption. That’s why I made some effort to find a great, healthy substitute for my daily addiction; and that is the Matcha Green Tea. At first you might not want the taste of this tea but adding almond milk in it will make it taste better. This has helped me to become more productive and ultimately, stopped by over-consumption of caffeine.

What is Matcha Green Tea?

Matcha is a special kind of green tea that’s grown, produced, and powdered in Japan – in most cases. The leaves of this green tea are shaded from the sun for its last growth weeks in order to increase the chlorophyll content and create a marvelous green color. Afterwards, the leaves are powdered carefully using the stone grinding wheels in order to produce a very fine powder.

The produced powder can be brewed to create a rich frothy antioxidant green tea or used in recipes such as baking or smoothies. Unlike the other kind of teas, this green tea isn’t strained before the consumption, which means the entire leaf is being consumed, making it more potent as compared to other tea varieties. As a matter of fact, ½ teaspoon is only needed in order to brew the traditional Matcha cup.

Brewing Matcha Green Tea

You can have a cup of Matcha Green Tea in cafes and shops for $4 or more, but you’re lucky enough to know that you can inexpensively make it at home. Drinking Matcha has become my great substitute and I’m now taking this at least twice a week, and I have also tried some experiments by adding almond milk to better its taste.

Usually, there are 2 ways to brew this green tea: Koicha and Usucha. The Koicha is done to have a thicker tea, while Usucha is to have a thin tea.

Equipment Needed:

A spoon and bamboo whisk (optional, but this secure a much frothier and smoother drink than using a regular whisk. Sifter or fine mesh strainer. Whisking bowl. Small set of cups.


1 teaspoon of Matcha Green Tea powder

1 Cup or 8oz. of water of 175˚F


Sift the Matcha green tea into the bowl using the sifter or fine mesh strainer. Slowly add the water.

Carefully whisk the mixture with the bamboo whish until you achieved your desired smoothness and frothiness. Immediately drink.


Even though I am not sure if this step violates the ceremonial tea procedure, I have also discovered that throwing the tea and water in the blender can also make a good frothy drink too. You can experiment anything you want to add flavor on your green tea, and change your daily addiction to a healthy one.

What are you addicted to?

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